A few thoughts on how stubborness keeps us back.


I seem to notice around, more & more lately, the effects of how our persistance to admit either our mistakes or our absense on knowledge about matters that affects out lives, holds us back and hinters our progress. I am taking this on the level of personal development, business development, personal relationships, political & social awareness, every aspect of our lives, literally.

I see people not only refusing to change, which is foundamentally against the basic law of the physical world but also refusing to admit that certain choices they made they did not work out either on the desired result or at any benefit whatsoever. I can only attribute this attitude to a stupid feel of personal pride and nothing beyond that (please feel free to enlight me on this one, in the comments section).

The main sideeffect, of course, being at all cases the inability for one to learn from his / her mistakes. Because… you have never made one, unless you have admitted so, isn’t that right? I have to quote the unknown wise man who once said that the main difference between a wise man and a not-so-wise one is that the former makes new mistakes during his life. The latter keeps repeating the same ones… I have to also add that it seems pretty easy to identify the mistakes in others and not in yourself, isn’t that so? The difficult thing to do is to reflect back in your own actions, raise your hand and admit: «Yes, I could have done better / I should have seen this coming / it was nobody’s fault but mine / I should have known better / I blew it». Nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that. Yet, people find it so damn hard to do so…

Examples? Too many to list. From my sons who keep refusing that they simply lost to a game, from couples that stick together due to the force of habbit and their inability to admit that a relationship has done it’s circle (or that their partner was not the right fit from the very beginning), to very capable employees who stick to the same unfullfiling & underpaying job due to their fears of the unknown or due to the same unrealised prospects that they delute themselves about year after year…

There is nothing you can improve in your life, nothing you can claim for yourself, unless you take the first step. And the first step is simply admitting to yourself the state of things and the mistakes you have personally made to create this state of things which you find unsatisfactory. Because… we all have. Change only begins (and sometimes ends) from within. Stubborness can only keep us back. And we all deserve better.

Till next time.




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